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EcoSecurities is a veteran in carbon markets and greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation projects worldwide. EcoSecurities specialises in sourcing, developing and financing projects with a positive environmental impact.

Founded in 1997, EcoSecurities grew to become the largest and most influential company in this sector. Today, EcoSecurities has reactivated its project pipeline, contracts book, and alumni network, to participate in a new phase of carbon and environmental markets.

In addition to carbon and climate, EcoSecurities also plans to be active in waste recovery and recycling, to help tackle the increasing challenge related to waste plastics and other pollutants.



Founded ten months before the Kyoto Protocol (January 1997), EcoSecurities the company contributed to the evolution of carbon markets from its outset.

In 2005, EcoSecurities Group Plc listed in the London Stock Exchange, raising capital for an expansion drive that resulted in offices in 33 countries run by over 350 employees. This enabled the company to develop over 700 CDM projects located in 45 countries and using 50 technologies. These projects resulted in the largest carbon credit portfolio worldwide, worth over USD 4 billion, giving the company a significant global market share.

In 2009, the company was acquired by American investment bank JP Morgan, who in 2013 sold it to Swiss trader Mercuria.

In 2018, former EcoSecurities manager Pablo Fernandez and BVRio (an environmental markets NGO created by EcoSecurities founder, Pedro Moura Costa) acquired EcoSecurities to restructure it for a new phase of carbon and environmental markets.



Advisory and Services for Climate Products

We assist companies and investors in sourcing and developing environmental commodities related to climate or waste recycling, such as CERs, EUAs, ITMOs, REDD+, American carbon credits, plastic credits, etc.

Investment and Trading

EcoSecurities is continuously sourcing investments in companies and projects that generate a positive environmental impact, with a view to originating principle positions for our trading desk.

Climate Finance

In a moment when carbon regulatory regimes have fragmented into various local, regional and international schemes, EcoSecurities and its international network of associates are well positioned to participate in all these markets.

Circular Economy

With waste pollution becoming a number one problem in developing economies, we develop market-based solutions for financing the recovery and recycling of plastic and other recyclable waste materials.

Existing CDM portfolio

EcoSecurities today owns a large portfolio of legacy projects developed in the past by the teams of EcoSecurities and MGM. While most of these projects are dormant, the contracts for these projects all have long crediting periods, and would enable their reactivation if required.


The existing portfolio contains 104 projects, located in 11 countries and using different technology types (renewable energies, industrial emission).  In aggregate, these projects will result in over 35 million tCO₂ emission reductions until 2020, and an additional 30 million tCO₂ to 2030.


EcoSecurities and its network of partners and associates has offices in Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg, Ireland, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Korea and China.


EcoSecurities has entered into a strategic partnership with BVRio Environmental Exchange to act as the climate advisor for all projects developed by BVRio.  At the same time, BVRio will provide local presence and capacity in the various countries where it has presence (Brazil, UK, China, Ghana, Indonesia).





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