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About us 

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ecosecurities is an impact-driven provider of environmental services with over two decades of experience in carbon markets and emissions reduction projects around the world. We provide technical and financial services to projects, companies, and organisations. With a rapidly-growing portfolio of projects, ecosecurities offers expertise and tailored services in sourcing, developing, and financing of climate mitigation projects. To support the net-zero transition we work with renewable energy projects, nature-based solutions (NBS) and community-based programs. 

Our Vision

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We believe in a world where
 — human progress does not result in nature being exploited, but rather nurtured.

—financial gain is not mutually exclusive from social and environmental benefits.

That is why our mission is to connect finance and sustainability.

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Global Reach & Local Expertise

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We offer global access to projects and markets through our network of 20 locations worldwide. 

With key offices in Geneva and London, we serve the major compliance markets across the EU, North America and Asia (Japan and Korea) and the voluntary markets globally.  Brazil is our regional hub for Latin America, Kenya for Africa and the Middle East, and Australia for the broader Asia-Pacific market.

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Our Leadership

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Pablo Fernandez

Mariama Vendramini Head of Brazil

Mariama Vendramini
Head of Brazil


Jose Tumkaya

Peter Stephen_edited.jpg

Peter Stephen
Head of Asia

Pedro Moura Costa Non-Executive Chairman

Pedro Moura Costa
Non-Executive Chairman

Phyllis Nyahe_edited.jpg

Phyllis Nyahe
Head of Africa

Chris Lisboa Head of Finance

Chris Lisboa
Head of Finance


Bernardo Mattar
Head of Structuring


Rodrigo Ferreira
Head of Technical Services

Our dedicated and growing team of professionals brings a wealth and depth of expertise from leading organizations around the world.

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