Driving innovation in environmental finance

Throughout its history, EcoSecurities led most policy, financial, and technical developments and innovations in the climate sector and achieved many “first”, such as:

  • Development of the first carbon offset verification system worldwide, leading to the mandatory requirement of certification of carbon credits adopted by the CDM. Service licensed to Swiss certification major SGS, in 1997;

  • Assistance in structuring the first nation-wide carbon offset scheme, for Costa Rica in 1997;

  • Structuring the first prospectus-based forest and carbon investment scheme, for Australia Plantation Timber, in 1999;

  • Creation of the first methodology for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in 2004;

  • Development of the first CDM project registered by the UNFCCC – the NovaGerar Landfill Project in Brazil, in 2005;

  • Structuring of the first carbon-backed debt notes, purchased by Credit Suisse in 2005;

  • Structuring of the first securitisation instrument for carbon credits, with Credit Suisse, in 2007.


More recently, its founders have participated in the creation of various innovative environmental finance schemes, such as:


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