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Carbon Markets pioneer EcoSecurities Group acquired by new shareholders

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Environmental finance firm Sustainable Investment Management will coordinate the re-structuring of EcoSecurities to prepare it for the next phase of environmental markets

Carbon Markets pioneer EcoSecurities Group acquired by new shareholders to engage in the evolving environmental markets

Under the leadership of new shareholders, Pablo Fernandez and environmental NGO BVRio, EcoSecurities will play an active role in the next phase of environmental markets

26th November 2019, GENEVA – Founded in January 1997, ten months before the Kyoto Protocol, EcoSecurities was one of the main private sector actors contributing to the evolution of international carbon markets and policies. EcoSecurities Group was recently acquired by its former manager Pablo Fernandez and BVRio Environmental Exchange (an environmental markets NGO created by EcoSecurities’ co-founder, Pedro Moura Costa). The company has been restructured to participate in a new phase of carbon and environmental markets. The process of restructuring will be coordinated by Sustainable Investment Management, a London-based environmental finance firm. The initial focus of the company will be on reactivating its carbon projects portfolio and the origination of new projects. EcoSecurities will also engage on the development of Nature Based Solutions as well as on designing new environmental finance solutions related to sectors such as plastics recycling and recovery.

To expand its reach, the new company is partnering with a wide network of EcoSecurities alumni worldwide. EcoSecurities has also entered into a strategic partnership with BVRio Environmental Exchange to act as the climate advisor for all projects developed by BVRio. At the same time, BVRio will provide local presence and capacity in the various countries where it has presence (Brazil, UK, China, Ghana, Indonesia).

Following the launch of the Kyoto Protocol, in 1997, EcoSecurities grew to become the largest and most influential company in this sector. Throughout its history, EcoSecurities led most policy, financial, and technical developments and innovations in the climate sector, as well as developing the largest number of carbon projects worldwide. In 2005, EcoSecurities Group Plc listed in the London Stock Exchange, raising capital for an expansion drive that resulted in offices in 33 countries run by over 350 employees. This enabled the company to develop over 700 CDM projects located in 45 countries and using 50 technologies. These projects generated the largest carbon credit portfolio worldwide, giving the company over 20% global market share. In 2009, the company was acquired by American investment bank JP Morgan, who in turn sold it to Swiss trader Mercuria in 2013.

With over 15 years of experience in carbon markets, working for both EcoSecurities and Mercuria, Pablo Fernandez will lead EcoSecurities into this new phase as CEO. “We are excited with the plan to re-engage Eco in this new phase of environmental markets. Market demands are continuously evolving, and we are well positioned to play an important role in this sector.”, states Pablo Fernandez. Pablo also stated that “The partnership with BVRio will allow us to quickly grow our international footprint and design innovative propositions for Nature Climate Solutions”. “Global environmental demands are continuously increasing, and there is a need to address a growing demand for environmental finance solutions. BVRio has been on the forefront of the development of new markets and this association with Ecosecurities will allow us to catalyse private capital mobilisation.” said Pedro Moura Costa, director of BVRio and original co-founder of EcoSecurities. Ends


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