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Carbon Markets Pioneer Pedro Moura Costa partners with previous Ecosecurities management team

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The text below serves as a clarification to certain inaccurate information contained in the article by Marcelo Teixeira (Reuters), published on 26.11.2019.

Original article here.


Pedro Moura Costa, a pioneer of carbon markets in the 1990s, just formalised a partnership with Pablo Fernandez, months after a management buyout from Swiss trader Mercuria Energy Group Ltd, for the relaunch of EcoSecurities, the low-carbon projects' developer and carbon credit generator.

Pablo Fernandez, who used to coordinate carbon trading at Mercuria, conducted the original buyout and invited Moura Costa to join in the deal. Pablo will be the new CEO of EcoSecurities, with headquarters in Geneva.

For more details about the relaunch of EcoSecurities read the official Press Release.

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