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Mexico – Blue Carbon

Full project name: Blue Carbon Mangrove Conservation & Restoration

Location: Campeche, Nayarit, Veracruz and Quintana Roo – Mexico

Project partner:

Impact on region/communities:

The project will improve biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration and enhance local community livelihoods. Conservation activities include the rehabilitation of tidal canals, community-based surveillance for threats to mangroves and biodiversity, sustainable activities like ecotourism, beekeeping and silvopasture, fostering communal (Ejidos) and community-based land use planning, soil rehabilitation, and long-term monitoring of deforestation, birds and mammals.

Carbon standard/verification: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) + Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards

Size/scale: 450,000 hectares

CO2e to be removed: 1,300,000 (tCO2e/year)

Timescale: 40 years


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