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New Corporate Identity Marks ecosecurities' Transformation

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Press Release:

ecosecurities, an international provider of environmental solutions, announced today the launch of its new corporate identity as it enters a new year, a new decade, and a new phase of the environmental markets.

Pablo Fernandez, CEO at ecosecurities, said, “Governments, corporations, institutions, and individuals alike have finally acknowledged—on a global scale—the climate emergency, as well as the need to urgently find solutions. Moreover, the negative impacts of the COVID pandemic have prompted investors to focus beyond economic returns and on also generating meaningful benefits for nature and society.”

“Since our inception over 20 years ago concurrent with the Kyoto Protocol,” Fernandez continued, “helping clients reduce carbon emissions has been at the core of what we do. Today, our vision goes beyond this—we aim to source and develop high-quality, impact-driven solutions that result not only in climate mitigation but also positive sustainable development. With this rebrand we are now unifying our rich heritage, global network and extensive technical expertise behind a clear, clean revitalized brand.”

As an illustration of the new direction, ecosecurities is currently developing a forest landscape restoration project in West Africa, an improved cookstove project in East Timor, and a coastal ecosystem restoration project in Central America. “We have our legacy, but this is the new ecosecurities,” he added.

Pedro Moura Costa, Chairman and founder of ecosecurities, said, “We are essentially going back to our roots, with the original conception of the company based on forest carbon. With this rebrand we want to be clear on what we stand for. Working with partners and clients around the world to deliver genuine and positive environmental and social impact for a more sustainable world—that is ultimately why we exist.”

The new logo combines blue and green shading in a circular symbol representing water, land and the Earth to reflect the company’s core focus on blue carbon, nature-based and community-focused environmental assets. The ecosecurities name is presented in lower-case, modern lettering to deliver a contemporary and collaborative look.

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