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Timor-Leste – Improved Cookstoves

Updated: Jun 19

Full project name: Timor-Leste Improved Cookstoves and Community Development Project

Location: 14 Municipalities in Timor-Leste (first distribution will be in Dili, Likisa, and Aileu)

Impact on region/communities:

The key objectives of the project are to reduce fuel usage (switching to renewable biomass) and minimise carbon dioxide emissions and indoor pollution associated with inefficient cooking practices. It will transform rural household cooking systems in Timor-Leste and move toward a more efficient, effective, and healthier system. Additionally, the stoves will benefit the community through fewer and easier cooking hours, reduced exposure to smoke and associated health problems and less time collecting firewood.

Carbon standard/verification: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Size/scale: 200,000 improved cookstoves

CO2e to be avoided: 5,000,000 (tCO2e total)

Timescale: 10 years


Ecosecurities and EAM, as the Project Proponent, confirmed that VCUs might be issued for the greenhouse gas emission reductions and removals associated with Timor-Leste Improved Cookstove and Community Development Project where practicable throughout the crediting period by the Project Proponent. The ICS producer has been notified about this Project and the potential risk of Scope 3 emissions double claiming and has confirmed that they will not claim any emission reduction from the products sold for the Project.

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