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Zambia – Conservation

Protecting & Restoring Zambia’s Iconic Miombo Woodlands

Full project name: Kabompo Community Forestry Carbon Project

Location: North Western Zambia

Project partner:

Impact on region/communities:

The project will conserve the iconic Miombo woodland in North-western Zambia,

which holds 30% of the country’s carbon stocks. The project activities will contribute

to the conservation and restoration of key wildlife habitats in the KAZA and West Lunga

ecosystems. Communities at the household level will benefit from conservation-based

employment; sustainable livelihood and economic interventions including climate-smart

agriculture and clean cooking. This will improve the livelihoods, nutrition and

household economies of vulnerable/poor communities.

It will promote collaboration across institutions in environmental management and

contribute positively to Zambia’s Climate change mitigation goals.

Carbon standard/verification: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) + Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards

Size/scale: 1.8 million hectares

CO2e to be removed: 44,100,000 (tCO2e total)

Timescale: 30 years


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