As part of our continued commitment to bringing greater transparency to the carbon offset market, ecosecurities publishes a monthly International Carbon Offset Price Index. The Index is based on verified transactions that occurred during a specific period. The analysis of transactions is based on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Registry and the Gold Standard Registry marketplaces.

Carbon Offset Price Index 

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How It Works

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For our International Carbon Offset Price Index, we analyse all the transactions that occurred each month in both the CDM and the Gold Standard marketplaces. Non-executed bids and asks are excluded from the analysis.

To ensure the accuracy of our Index, ecosecurities undertakes a continuous price scanning of the targeted platforms and records all executed transactions. In case current transaction prices are no longer available, recorded past transaction prices from the projects are used instead. If that option is also not available, a price estimate based on similar projects’ transaction prices is used. Some of the elements listed on ecosecurities International Carbon Offset Price Index are described in more detail below:

​Average price: Average transaction prices per credit issued based on monthly transaction volumes. Outliers may be excluded.

​Total Revenue (USD): Total revenue generated by the sale of CERs based on the transaction price. It does not include fees and other costs incurred by the seller and/or buyer.

​Number of projects: Total number of projects that executed transactions during the month analysed.

ecosecurities is proud to work with the Climate Neutral Now initiative of the UNFCCC on fostering corporate sustainability through reduction and compensation of GHG emissions.