Ras Ghareb Wind Energy

in Egypt

The Ras Ghareb Wind Energy project has an installed capacity of 262.5 MW. The Project is a Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) generation plant that will be developed in Ras Ghareb on the Gulf of Suez, Egypt, by an Independent Power Producer (IPP). The project is an alternative to dispatching existing and developing new, fossil fuel based and greenhouse gas (GHG) intensive, power generation plants connected to the electricity grid (the baseline situation). The substitution of the generation of more GHG intensive electricity will lead to GHG emission reductions that will be monitored during the lifetime of the project.


The project boundary includes the project’s power plant and all power plants/units physically connected to the same electricity grid that the power plant is connected to. The RGWE project is aligned with Egypt’s governmental policies to increase NCRE generation to 30% of total energy demand by 2035.


Estimates of GHG emission reductions for the chosen crediting period are ca. 792,670 tCO2e per year, resulting in a total of 5,548,690 tCO2e for its crediting period.

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