Mitigation of methane emissions from charcoal production

This project activity aims at reducing methane emissions in the carbonisation process of charcoal production by implementing the process improvements, which would not have occurred in the absence of the CDM incentive.

The project is an outcome of three years of scientific research and experiments conducted by independent carbonisation expert, which the project entity started and supported in response to the CDM incentive. The carbonisation research resulted in development of carbonisation gas burners that allow for significant reduction of methane emissions. The research revealed the scope for process and technological improvements in accomplishing the emission reductions and it forms the basis of this project activity.


In the absence of the project, methane emissions in charcoal manufacturing would remain high due to prevailing barriers outlined in the sections below. In addition to reducing methane emissions, this project activity allows for the establishment of broader and unprecedented standards for clean and efficient charcoal production and contributes to sustainable development objectives.

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