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ecosecurities & Abatable partner on carbon policy risk assessments

Published: June 20, 2023

Abatable and ecosecurities have today announced a new partnership to bring greater clarity to the carbon procurement and investment market by developing standardised national policy and political risk assessments.

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The assessments will provide insights into different policy-related risks for companies looking to purchase credits or invest in projects, covering areas ranging from the possible ban on the international trade of carbon credits, to political instability. The partnership bridges Abatable’s market-leading assessment framework with ecosecurities’ country-level expertise and global reach to establish the most comprehensive view of jurisdictional-level risk in the carbon market to date.

Abatable, a leading carbon procurement and market intelligence platform based in the UK, works to empower greater trust in the carbon market using a data-driven approach. These risk assessments, developed using a combination of in-depth research and interviews with on-the-ground experts and policymakers, mark Abatable’s latest offering to improve the data infrastructure for decision-makers within a complex and evolving market. They will also serve as an important tool to engage directly with governments.

ecosecurities is an impact-driven carbon project developer with extensive experience providing advisory services to governments across various jurisdictions. Its partnership with Abatable will supercharge the relevance and usability of these assessments as a key mechanism to de-risk investments in high-quality carbon credits.

The first round of assessments will cover some of the most active countries in the voluntary carbon market and will be available through the Abatable platform in Q3 this year. More countries will be added over time.

Pauline Blanc, Strategy and Policy Lead at Abatable, said: “Policy and political risks are major barriers for those looking to participate in the voluntary carbon market. And for good reason. Most recently, we’ve seen Zimbabwe void all existing carbon offset agreements and lay claim to half of future proceeds in a move that has caused waves through the market and shed doubt on the longevity of claims to some environmental assets. It’s within this context that we’re eager to be partnering with ecosecurities, an expert in country-level carbon project dynamics, to provide greater transparency to jurisdictional-level risks and empower businesses with the confidence to take action.”

Pedro Carvalho, Head of Sales & Marketing at ecosecurities, said: "After the introduction of Article 6 in the Paris rulebook, host countries are currently in the process of internalizing the rules and procedures necessary to actively engage in international carbon markets. While this development is promising, it also gives rise to uncertainties regarding the regulations and policies that will support carbon project development and financing. As regulations can vary significantly, these differences can have substantial implications for climate action.

To address this challenge, the policy assessment framework established by Abatable plays a crucial role in bridging the gap. It offers a structured approach to effectively map, review, and assess the political and regulatory risks associated with carbon project development. We are delighted to support this initiative, drawing on our country-specific experience with carbon markets. We firmly believe that this assessment framework will contribute significantly to mitigating risks in project development and investment."

Press enquiries:

· Sophie Arndt,

About Abatable

Abatable is a carbon procurement and market intelligence platform enabling climate action for hard-to-abate emissions. Our platform unites climate-conscious businesses and investors with innovative environmental projects, to discover, assess and purchase carbon credits. We bring radical transparency to the voluntary carbon market and build the trust it requires to become a scaled solution to climate change. We are on a mission to empower every organisation to build a thriving future for climate, nature and people.

About ecosecurities

ecosecurities is an impact-driven provider of environmental services with over two decades of experience in carbon markets and emissions reduction projects around the world. We provide technical and financial services to projects, companies, and organisations. With a rapidly-growing portfolio of projects, ecosecurities offers expertise and tailored services in sourcing, developing, and financing of climate mitigation projects. Embracing the latest advancements and technologies in the sector, we work with renewable energy projects, nature-based solutions (NBS) and community-based programs.

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
Oct 01, 2023

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