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We have a vast origination capacity in the field of climate mitigation solutions with a portfolio of diverse mitigation projects around the world. We work with local stakeholders across the world to deliver solutions that are tailored to the local social, economic, and environmental contexts.

Supporting nature-based solutions is an effective way for companies to further their sustainability while strengthening biodiversity, natural ecosystems and local economies. Certified NBS projects can issue and sell carbon offsets generating revenues for further conservation activities. ecosecurities helps project developers around the world to originate, structure, certify and market their projects.

Community-based projects have environmental, social and economic impacts at their core. Well-designed projects address multiple issues and help foster sustainable development at the community level. These projects provide tangible benefits both for the environment and human health while also fostering local development, women empowerment and girl education.  

We have a vast and diverse portfolio of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects around the world. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of partners to structure, implement and certify their energy projects. Our expertise covers all aspects of project development, management, and monitoring.






Portfolio Highlights

Saldanha_Vertedouro da Barragem.jpg
Saldanha Small Hydroelectric Project

Small scale renewable energy
generation and Amazon forest

The Project is a run-of-river Small
Hydroelectric Plant (SHP). The SHP Saldanha is located in the Saldanha River, northern region of Brazil. The plant has two turbo-generators sets of 2.5 MW each, totalling 5 MW of installed capacity. This type of project results in emission reductions through displacing grid supplied electricity, which has associated
thermoelectric energy (based on fossil

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