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Red Sea Wind Energy Project to Build, Own and Operate a 500 MW Wind Farm in the Gulf of Suez 2

Updated: Mar 27

Red Sea Wind Energy site

Red Sea Wind Energy Site – 2024.

يمكن العثور على النسخة العربية من هذا النص أسفل النسخة الإنجليزية.

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Red Sea Wind Energy (RSWE) and ecosecurities invite local stakeholders to participate in the Public Consultation of the project to mitigate greenhouse gases (GHG) through the implementation of the RSWE wind farm, located in the Gulf of Suez northwest of the city of Ras Ghareb, Egypt. 

The project is a greenfield wind farm spanning a capacity of 500 MW spread across nearly 70 km². The key components of the wind farm are 84 Gold wind 6MW wind turbines and the supporting infrastructure and utility elements, including site roads, site buildings and control room, a network of 33 kV cabling for energy collection, and an on-site step-up substation for connection with the regional Suez Gulf 220 kV overhead transmission line (OHTL). The OHTL connects the substation to the National Grid for a length of about 36 km. The expected capacity factor is around 55%. The wind farm is contributing to environment conservation by preventing more than 1.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. 

The project is operated by Red Sea Wind Energy S.A.E. (proponent of the project), the development will be joint between EETC, and the consortium composed of ENGIE, Toyota Tsusho & Eurus and Orascom Construction, while the carbon project is developed by ecosecurities.  

The Project envisions future certification by the carbon standard Gold Standard for the Global Goals. In addition to meeting the requirements of the standard, the Stakeholder Consultation process will be carried out to engage all of those who may be interested in and affected by the project, providing the opportunity to discuss its potential impacts with the public and improve design and implementation. 

The following presentation seeks to summarize the most important information about the project so that interested parties can understand how it works and support any doubts, suggestions, and criticisms, which will be previously discussed at the public hearing to be held on March 7, 2024 in Ras Ghareb city.  

RSWE Carbon Project Non-Technical Info v3.3
Download PDF • 462KB

All Stakeholders are encouraged to attend the meeting, however, those who are unable to physically join are requested to submit comments and/or suggestions through the following channels: 

Contact by email: 

Send a letter addressed to: Kilo 40 – Ras Gharib Al-Zaafarana Road – Red Sea Wind Energy Company 

Comments will be accepted until April 08, 2024. 

27/03/2024 Update: To view the Stakeholder Consultation Report, see the document below:

20240327 Stakeholder-Consultation-Report RSWE v1 1
Download PDF • 8.99MB


To view this consultation in Arabic, please use this document:

20240228 Stakeholder Consultations site AM RB_Arabic
Download DOCX • 129KB

للاطلاع على هذه الاستشارة باللغة العربية، يرجى استخدام هذه الوثيقة:


يسعى العرض التالي إلى تلخيص أهم المعلومات حول المشروع حتى تتمكن الأطراف المهتمة من فهم كيفية عمله ودعم أي شكوك واقتراحات وانتقادات ، والتي سيتم مناقشتها مسبقا في جلسة الاستماع العامة التي ستعقد في 7 مارس 2024 في مدينة رأس غارب.

عرض تقديمي للجلسة التشاورية الخاصة بمشروع البحر الأحمر لطاقة الرياح_V2.2 1
Download PDF • 703KB

27/03/2024 Update: To view the Meeting Minutes in Arabic, see the document below:

[ARABIC] RSWE Physical meeting minutes 1
Download PDF • 268KB

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