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Forest Restoration Program

Ybyra ("tree" in the Tupi language) is a program designed to restore degraded land, pay landowners for their environmental services and generate high-quality carbon credits.

Win-win solution: Landowners will be compensated for the costs of land restoration

High quality carbon removal credits generated and certified by high standards

Biodiversity restoration with multiple benefits in priority areas

100,000 hectares of
native forests restored in the next 5 years 
Project already underway bringing theory into practice
23,600,000 tons CO2e
of captured carbon
The Ybyra program brings together ecosecurities' 25 years of experience and boots on the ground delivering towards global efforts to fight climate change

Ybyra focuses its activities in Brazil due the high potential for credit generation and legal framework that helps to guarantee permanence of restored areas, along with lower costs.

The Ybyrá program is designed to be highly ambitious yet feasible enough to put into practice.

Ybyrá guarantees the highest quality and most impactful technique for restoration across the different regions where we work.

ecosecurities is already in the implementation phase with this project, seeing benefits on the ground and the potential to remove vast amounts of CO2e from the atmosphere.


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