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Programa Floresta+ and Voluntary Carbon Markets

Article 6, voluntary markets and the new Brazilian REDD+ programme

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Ancillary Benefits of Climate Policy

New Theoretical Developments and Empirical Findings


Integrated REDD+ markets

A financial model to support forest protection, agricultural production and decarbonisation

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The forest carbon offsetting report 2010

Progress in policy for carbon forestry

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Determining a Pair price for Carbon

Equal Exchange, 2007

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Accelerating Transfers of Interim Finance for REDD+

Options for Early Market Involvement

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Cleaner is cheaper

Case studies of corporate environmental excellence


Laying the foundations for clean development

A quick guide to the Clean Mechanism Development


Developments under the CDM

Project examples in the Brazilian Energy Sector

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Plantations and GHG mitigation: A short review

Forestry-based carbon offsets


Financing Mechanisms for JI Projects in the Electricity Sector

Comprehensive global financing strategy for implementing sustainable forest management


Tropical forestry practices for carbon sequestration

A review and a case study from Southeast Asia


Active restauration accelerates the carbon recovery of human-modified tropical forest

Actively restored tropical forests recover above ground biomass faster than areas left to regenerate naturally after being logged, according to new research.


Assessing compliance with the Forest Code

A practical guide

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Climate Change and the Law

Erkki J. Hollo, Kati Kulovesi, Michael Mehling

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Climate Change and Forests

By Charlotte Streck, Robert O'Sullivan, Toby Janson-Smith, Richard Tarasofsky


Tropical Forestry Practices for Carbon Sequestration

A review and a case study from Southeast Asia

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Accelerating Transfers of Interim Finance for REDD+

Building Absorptive Capacity

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Climate Capitalism

Capitalism in the age of Climate Change

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The Brazilian Iron& Steel Sector & the CDM

New initiatives involving Carbon Trading

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Converting waste to energy and profit

Tapioca starch power in Thailand

Desmatamento Soja Amazonia - Acervo ISA.

Accounting for time in mitigating global warming  

Land-use and forestry

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Elements of certification systems for forestry-based carbon offset project


A review of the steps required for independent certification


Costa Rican system of direct payment for environmental services

A review of three national level carbon sequestration programmes

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Desmistificando os Títulos Verdes

Certificados de Recebíveis do Agronegócio Verdes


Reverse Logistics Credits

A social and environmental innovation to address urban waste and recycling

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Carbon finance and pro-poor co-benefits

The Gold Standard and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards

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Guidebook to support the development of early action REED+

Pedro Moura Costa, 2010


Forestry and the Climate Convention

10 years of evolution

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Renewable Energy Project Development under the CDM

A Guide for Latin America

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BASREC regional handbook, January 2003

Procedures for joint implementation in the Baltic Sea region

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Opportunities for renewable energy project finance 

Closing Market gaps

Financial mechanism sustainable forestry

Financial Mechanisms for Sustainable Forestry

Comprehensive global financing strategy for implementing sustainable forest management


Special Report on Land Use, Land-Use change, and Forestry

Project-based activities

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The Clean Development Mechanism

Building International Public-Private Partnership


Reduced Impact logging in Sabah, Malaysia

Results of a commercial project introducing reduced impact logging techniques